Do you back yourself?

Do you back yourself?

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I unzipped my swag and popped my head out to nothing but a white wall and eerie sight. It was early morning and there was a very heavy fog in. I reached for my boots and the jacket quickly followed, the fire was just barely alight, I added a couple of pieces of wood and put the kettle on top. Gazing out to the lake, I couldn’t see more than 20meters out. I had a few minutes whilst the kettle warmed. “Should I”, I thought to myself. “It’s a big lake, there’s no one else here and I can’t see anything” The response “Hells yes”

With the oldboy (that’s what I call my father) still asleep I wiped the ice of the thermos filled it up and jumped in the boat and took off fishing. 

I trusted myself, I calculated the risks and did it. And that’s my question to you. Do you trust yourself, do you back yourself?

Have you heard of the saying to have outward success you first need to have inward success? It plays a big part in my coaching, loving yourself, goes hand in hand with trusting yourself. It’s the beginning, it’s a prerequisite.

“How you see yourself is how others will see you”

If you see yourself as uncertain, anxious, stressed then others will, fear is the best version killer. It doesn’t usually serve us and I have a number of tools, techniques and strategies that clients use to overcome fear. It goes hand in hand with the self-awareness work. It develops emotional intelligence, it’s a massive confidence builder as clients load up for the next exciting chapter in their life.

The unknown becomes a lot more intriguing when fear is removed. Trusting yourself requires the three ingredients I believe you need for a happy and successful career. Self Awareness, Courage and Discipline.

I had been coming up here fishing since a kid, I knew the environment and after a few hours I wound the rods in (empty-handed) the fog had lifted enough for me to find my way back to the shoreline and camp for breakie.


Fear is a problem, anxiety is a problem, a seemingly growing problem that doesn’t for the most part help us. I am sharing this with you because next time you face a white wall of uncertainty, next time you are facing the unknown, take a moment to consciously ask yourself “Do I back myself? What would my best version do?”

Self-awareness, courage, discipline. It’s your journey and no one else’s.

Go get em