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2021 Virtual

Do you want a team that has MORE

Do you want a team that has LESS

'Team Mastery' Wellbeing Employee Webinar Session

In this online interactive 1hr ‘Team- Mastery’ session your team will:

  • Learn how to overcome stress and anxiety and make positive changes that will increase their performance and engagement
  • Uncover the root causes of their stress and anxiety and understand the impact it is having on their role (and happiness)
  • Discover their best version and how to apply it each day without fear
  • Learn practical tools and techniques that they can use every day to increase focus, discipline and ultimately performance
  • Activate more effective thinking, better decision making, and increased resilience
  • Most importantly they will leave feeling more energised, motivated and joyful and be thankful to you for it!

To book in a session for your employees simply fill in the below form or email me and we will lock in a date!

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‘Team Mastery’ session information:

  • This session is aimed at high performing teams only (high IQ & EQ), an alternative format is available for low performing teams.
  • If you have a specific team ‘pain-point’ let me know.
  • Following the webinar, valuable insights and observations will be emailed to you (the Manager) which you can use to further upswing performance and results.
  • This session will leave your team feeling more motivated and energised, in your next 1:1 with each team member ask them ‘What they learned most?’ and adjust their development plans as necessary.
  • Live webinar video link, calendar invites and full instructions will be provided

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You can contact CK at kim@coachkim.com.au or phone 0414 103 957 or alternatively complete the form below