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Did you know!

About half of the individuals who sign up for the CK Career Transition Program do not know what they want to do!

They just know their current role / company / industry is not for them and they have had enough.  A new career awaits them.

The remaining individuals who enrol in the program kinda know what they want to do but are not sure how to execute. They want guidance to pivot and bring that new career to life. 

CK Career Transition Program

In this program:

  • We’ll work together to create a crystal-clear vision and plan for your ideal career and role.
  • We’ll work together to identify and validate the right industry, role and company that will maximise career success for you.
  • We’ll build a CV, LinkedIn profile and brand based on who you are what you stand for.
  • We’ll create a crystal clear plan that will generate job interviews and you’ll learn how to give a very successful interview along with networking tips and tricks.
  • You’ll have access to my network, salary negotiation advice and first week on the job plan.
  • Most importantly your confidence will grow, you’ll be able to apply what I teach to other areas of your life to achieve happiness.

The program includes:

  • 1:1 face to face personal coaching sessions (or via video).
  • Online (mobile and web) access to your personal Career Folder.
  • Your online Career Folder contains lots of tips, tricks, information and instruction videos, personalised career tasks, exercises, plans and much more.
  • Phone, text and email support with Coach Kim between the sessions. 
  • BONUS! Access to Coach Kim’s network (if needed).


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Jeremie C

A long-overdue review. 1 year ago I went to Coach Kim. I asked him, what’s next for me?

1 year on and I’ve only accolades to say of how that experience with him has helped me grow leaps and bounds not just professionally but personally. It has given me the tools and mindset to tackle the rat race and my day.

Would recommend anyone looking for their “What’s next?” Or even just to dust off the cobwebs and make those “I wish/want” goals attainable.


    Brett J

    Coach Kim has been a great mentor and sounding board for me in my journey to pivot industries and hunt a great job with a good culture fit. He taught me to always present the best version of myself and the results will show. He is always easy to talk to and always available. Kim has transformed my personal and professional “CV” with his knowledge and enthusiasm in this space.

    Nick T

    When I reached out to Kim initially, I knew something was not right with my career but was completely lost about how to find the right path. Working with Kim to better understand myself has been an incredible and insightful journey that has given me confidence that I’m now on a path that is more suited to to my values. Not only do I have more confidence about where my career is heading but I have a deeper understanding of my personality that has improved all aspects of my life.
    Would definitely recommend Kim for anyone looking to better understand themselves or looking to change careers.