10 Week Self Mastery Program

Actualise Your Potential

This powerful program will produce the following results for you:

Increased confidence and resilience

Next level emotional intelligence (EQ)

Stronger focus

Effective thinking

Boosted energy

Greater self-control

Better decision making

Enhanced leadership skills

Healthier habits

A compelling pitch, profile and brand

And much much more! Alongside personalised coaching there are tools, techniques, processes and strategies you can use at home and work for the rest of your life.

Bonus: Career planning and execution processes can be included in this program for those individuals looking to make career changes.


Program Structure

6  x 1hr face to face coaching sessions. 
6  x 30min check-in and accountability sessions.
Bonus! 20+ video tutorials with activities to complete (via your online Mastery folder)

Time Commitment

1hrs per week
26 hours in total

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The face to face coaching sessions are spread throughout the program. We meet in-person or via video The accountability sessions alternate weeks

You will a Google account (gmail) account to access your program folder and to access and edit your activity sheets. You can access and edit on a PC or mobile.

Yes, you will notice change within yourself straightaway which will develop throughout the program

These sessions are scheduled throughout the program, they are 30minute video calls to discuss your progress, seek advice or ask any specific questions.

Once you enrol you will get access to your personal program folder. This is the folder to keep all your notes along with activities. You will be able to keep this folder after the program has been completed. During the program I have access to the folder and will be able to review your work and responses.

Between the coaching and accountability sessions, there is self-mastery work for you to do. Video tutorials are provided along associated templates to complete. These are stored in your online program folder.

If face to face coaching is not possible then sessions are completed via video 

Once you have signed up the program can commence straight away or at a date you choose.

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