Will To Win 2021

Will To Win 2021

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All decisions are created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. 

A really, really, really simple example of this is deciding to get a glass of water. You first have the thought (step 1 – mind). You get up, get a glass and have a drink (step 2 – reality)

You have probably made a few decisions about 2021 and hopefully you have written these plans/goals/intentions down or shared them with one of your squad members.

For example:

  • Deciding to go to the gym 4 days a week
  • Deciding to lose 10kgs
  • Deciding to switch jobs
  • Deciding to overcome that fear of public speaking 
  • Deciding to build your network by having 3 coffee catchups a week

These are all great decisions….. in the mind.  The next step is to bring those decisions to life (the step 2 bit). This is the step that can get a little tricky. 

Often the missing ingredient between making a decision and acting on that decision is WILL

Yep Will aka Will Power. 

Trying to explain why you decide to get a glass of water but then don’t actually get one in a short blog is near on impossible, so instead here are a few questions to have a go at. Preferably write the answers down.

The AWARE: Why do you do what you do?

What keeps you going no matter what, what excites you, what gets you up in the morning.



The MASTER: What do you do everyday to grow your expertise?

What can you do right now to keep growing and get bigger, wiser and better.



The MOTIVATED: What keeps you motivated?

What was that moment your back was against the wall and you never want to feel that again. The never going back or feeling like that again.



The LEGACY: What are you doing this for?

What do you want people to say when you are not in the room. What’s the big mark you want to leave on the world.