What’s your mode?

What’s your mode?

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At any single moment in our life we are operating in one of two modes: 

A) Thrive Mode or,

B) Survive Mode



When we’re in Thrive Mode we believe things are progressing nicely, we are usually growing, learning, happy, safe and content.

When we’re in Survive Mode we perceive danger (physical, psychological or other) we are often nervous, worried, angry, frustrated, anxious, etc.

In Survive Mode, you would therefore expect to be experiencing energy drains, everything can feel like hard work and requiring effort, Survive Mode is ok in short bursts but mentally or physically draining for prolonged periods.

Whilst in Thrive Mode we are usually enjoying life and often re-charging our energy levels.

We may switch between the two modes countless times in a given day, this is normal.

We are all unique so it’s also normal that one person’s survival mode could be another person’s thrive mode. A good example is public speaking, for some, this is a daunting task while others flourish at the opportunity.

In recent times you may have found yourself in survival mode more often than usual.

A good skill to start with and develop is to recognise what mode you are in currently. You could do that right now. What mode are you in right now?

Another good skill to pickup and develop is identifying what activities shift you from Survive to Thrive mode.

These vary from person to person and could include going for a walk, meditating, chatting to a friend, reading a book, etc.

See if you can identify three activities that work for you, that help you shift from Survive Mode to Thrive Mode.

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