My top reads – Add these 5 books to your 2021 reading list

My top reads – Add these 5 books to your 2021 reading list

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Happy 2021 Reading!

There are those who read books and those who don’t…… well that statement is all rubbish.

Looking to read a little more in 2021? Pick up a book – any book – today and read 5 pages, then tomorrow pick up the book and read 5 more pages, the day after do the same and the day after and day after. Congrats you are now a reader!

Have the book next to your desk, your couch, your bedside table and instead of reaching for your phone or the remote control, reach for your book.

Not sure what to read, here are my top 5 reads from the last 12 months.

1. Good to Great - Jim Collins

What's the difference between a good organisation and at great one? The author discusses the key ingredients you need to shift your organisation from good to great. One of those key ingredients is to make sure you get the ‘right people on the bus’.

2. The Birth Order Book - Dr Kevin Leman

If you have children, have a large family or even lead a large team this book will give you more than a few ‘ahhh’ moments. The book details how your birth order affects personality, marriage and relationships, parenting style, career, and children. After reading this book I found myself guessing who was a first born, middle child and last born in my network.

3. The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

The author uses plenty of stories to make this an educational and entertaining read. Looking to pick up a few good habits or give the boot to a few bad habits? The answers lie in Cues, Routines and Rewards and they are all explained in detail in the book.

4. Barbarians at the gate: The fall of RJR Nabisco - Burrough & Helyar

A throwback and very entertaining read, what fear and greed do! Pretty much the opposite of ‘Good to great’. With M,A & B (mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcy) activity expected to be strong in 2021 a great one to read, digest and reflect on in the current business environment.

5. The Power of Positive Energy - Tanaaz Chupp

Looking to up your vibes this year? The author has some simple tools and techniques to help you manifest a new reality, up your positivity and increase your levels of consciousness. The author is the founder of

Read a great book recently, let me know!
Go get em