Get promoted with these 6 words
Get promoted with these 6 words

Get promoted with these 6 words

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You’ve been in your role for a while now, and you’re starting to get itchy feet. Perhaps you’ve seen other colleagues earn promotions, and wondered why it wasn’t you.

It’s not as simple as logging hours to make it to the next level. But it can be easy if you remember these 6 simple words:

You get along by getting along.

When you were interviewed for your role, your employer likely measured you up against the three C’s – capability, commitment and character. Your capability to do the job, your commitment to doing a good job, and your cultural fit for the team.

Your boss concluded that, yes, you’d be a good fit. You’d “get along”. And here you are.

But what about being promoted?

Getting along doesn’t stop at the hiring process. It continues through to your success in your role. Are you currently getting along? Who are you getting along with? Is there someone that you should be getting along with more?

Ask yourself – could you do more to get along?

To explain exactly what it means to get along, let’s go back to the three C’s and apply them to your current situation:

·         Capability – are you a top performer?

·         Commitment – are you reliable and trustworthy?

·         Character – are you well-liked?

If you answered YES to all three, and you were being honest with yourself, then congratulations! Your path is looking bright.

If you answered NO to any or all of the three, and you’re not currently looking for a promotion, then continue as you were.

If you answered NO to any or all, but you’re really hoping for a promotion, then you’ve got some work to do. Assess which ‘C’ you could improve on, and make some adjustments. You may need to invest your time in additional learning, experience, upskilling, or even changes in your own behaviour and attitude.

So repeat with me – I will get along by getting along.

This is your new daily mantra. Pin it above your desk. Read it every day. And good luck, I hope you get that promotion.

Editor’s note: if you’ve come to the end of this article, and the idea of ‘getting along’ with your boss is making you feel just a little ill, remember you’re not the only one. According to, a massive 50% of employees leave their company because of their boss. Your opportunity may be elsewhere. Stay tuned for future articles on making career changes.

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